Billiards is without a doubt one of the most popular games across the globe. There are many online versions of billiard games available that you can start playing straight away. You can also find pool tournaments being held in clubs and bars, where you’ll find devoted players positioning the cue ball to pocket targeted balls and winning. Alongside that, have you ever wondered about the origins of billiards? As a billiard afficionado, have a read about the history of this entertaining game.

Game of Gardens and first pool ball set

Origins of billiards stretch way back to the 13th Century in France. Aristocratic nobles would play this game in gardens and parks as a form of a social gathering. A pool ball set certainly was not required for them to play – instead, they used a curved stick to hit the ball betweens two bars.  Not extremely reminiscent of a modern game of pool, but regardless of this, this is where the fun game originated.

When this game started becoming popular among the gentry and nobles, they decided to move the entertaining game indoors so that it could be played in any type of weather conditions. This proved to be more difficult in practice, since the balls that they rolled were quite destructive for the exquisite floors and it was not cheap to get them repaired or replaced. The next best thing was the design of a pool table and overall, a pool ball set. King Louise XI made this request many years later, in the 15th century. There were a lot of changes made to the original billiard version such as reducing the size of the balls and designing a table lined with fabric. This new innovation made gameplay much more comfortable and less noisy.  Nowadays, a pool ball set is much more affordable and available to anyone who is interested in playing billiards. You can get pool balls for sale at a good price as well as a good quality pool table for a reasonable amount. Many stores have pool balls for sale and these balls are now made of plastic instead of ivory, which would cost a lot of money and were only accessible to the aristocratic class. As a first, in the second half o the 15th Century pool tables and other accessories such as balls and the cue ball became available in billiard clubs which made the game much more open to the public.

Rules of the game also had to be polished up and some of the main accessories were refined as well. The shape of the pool cue had been changed from curved to straight which allowed better precision when hitting the balls. Alongside this, leather tips for the cue sticks were introduced.

New billard versions

Pool table rules were revised in the 19th and 20th centuries and new billiard versions arose such as Russian Pyramid and Snooker. The latter became extremely popular in countries all over the world and rapidly joined the sports ranking. Snooker is even being considered to be an Olympic cue sport.

With the advent of the Internet, billiards have become an immensely popular online game. You can practice your cue ball position control by playing online and the advantage is you don’t need a real pool ball to set to play. Nowadays there are hundreds of online websites to choose from where you can discover many varieties of billiard games. Get to know them all and discover your favourite game. Just make sure that the game you choose reflects acual pool or snooker rules and the physics of the game so that your time playing is well spent. The balls in the online game should move in the same way as they would move on an actual pool table. When you practice online you will have the chance to become a real champion.