Billiards is undoubtedly one of the most popular games in the world. It has long been reigning in bars around the world, and in recent years has also conquered the Internet. If you’re a fan of online billiards, the only thing you need to play is access to the Internet and a computer, a tablet or even a cell phone. However, if you prefer to play traditional billiards, you will need the right equipment. See what pool table accessories you should purchase to become a real champion.

Bar equipment vs your own

We often play billiards mainly in social gatherings at the bar. This is not surprising – a pool table really costs a lot, and at the same time it takes up a lot of space. Few people can afford to keep it at home. The bars where you can rent a billiard table usually also offer pool cues, balls and other pool table accessories. You can rent them, but their quality is often not the best. In addition, dozens of people use them every day, so they get used up quickly. The most important in the game are the cues. You can use the bar’s cues to play with friends when you are out with them for a beer. However, when you want to improve your skills, it is better to invest in a good quality pool cue of your own. Also, by having your own pool case you can carry your cue with you to training sessions and games in the club or bar.

Billard balls

When you play different types of billiards you can use various billard balls. Pool table balls have a diameter of 57 mm. They are made of plastic with high resistance to cracking and chipping. The set includes 15 numbered billard balls. Numbers 1 to 7 have a uniform color, and from 9 to 15 they are partially coloured. The number 8 ball is black. A white ball is also necessary for the game. If you intend to play at a bar or a billiard club, you do not have to buy the whole set of pool table balls. However, you should still consider buying your own white ball.

Pool & Billiard cue stick

Pool cue sticks are a bit shorter and thicker than those used for snooker games. The tip also differs – it is screwed in or stuck on. The pool cue tip is much wider compared to a snooker cue.

If you are going to learn to play billiards, you will need your own cue. You do not have to have a top quality cue right from the start – they can cost even more than a car. At the beginning, you just need a cue from the medium or even lower price range. If you’ve only played on bar equipment before, you will feel the difference right away. It will be much easier for you to place billards balls into the holes.

Are you going to take your cue to a bar or club? Choose a foldable model. You will be able to undo it into two parts and transporting it will be much more convenient. In this case, remember to buy a good quality cue case. This way you will not damage the cue during transport.

The Pool Table

Do you have enough funds and space at home to buy your own pool table, balls, cue sticks and other accessories? If yes, you will be able to create the ideal conditions for the game and for your training! When choosing a table, pay attention to its solidity – after all, it has to serve you for many years! Also, find out what material the cloth is made of. The best is pure wool or wool with a small amount of nylon. You can also decide on a table with a screw-on top, so you can turn it into a regular table in a few minutes. If you decide to make such a purchase, you will also need other pool table accesories, such as a triangle for billiard balls, chalk, cross, rests or a spider.